China April raw coal output registers slower growth


China saw a slower growth in raw coal production in April, according to data showed from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on May 15, as mines’ operations were strictly restricted by frequent safety and environmental checks in the month.

A total 294.29 million tonnes of raw coal was produced in April, the NBS data showed. The volume was only 0.1% higher than the level in the same month last year, with the growth moderating from a 2.7% rise in March.

It was also 4.06 million tonnes or 1.36% lower than the March level, data showed.

In the first four months, China churned out 1.11 billion tonnes of raw coal, edging up 0.6% year on year, accelerating from a rise of 0.4% a year earlier, showed tha data, which is tracked by timely and closely all the time.

Author: SXCoal