China’s hydropower growth outstrips thermal power in July


China’s hydropower generation posted a faster year-on-year growth than thermal power in July thanks to plentiful rainfalls in the month, official figures showed, though share of thermal power remained the highest.

The country generated 129.1 TWh of hydropower in July, rising by 6% from a year earlier and up by 21.22% from June, showed data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on August 14.

The year-on-year increase outstripped a 4.3% growth for thermal power production, which increased by 15.1% on the month to a total 453.5 TWh in July, data showed.

This may partly explain the weaker-than-expected spot thermal coal market in July, with prices of the fossil fuel continuing on a downward track throughout the month, as stronger hydropower contributed more to energy demand in scorching summer.

Yet, thermal power generation still accounted for as much as 70.85% of China’s total electricity output, which rose by 5.7% year on year and 15.29% month on month to 640 TWh in July, showed the NBS data.

Output of nuclear power stood at 26.4 TWh in the month, up by 14.2% year on year and 11.39% from the month prior.

Generation of wind power ascended by 24.7% from a year earlier and 2.19% from June to 23.3 TWh, while that of solar power rose by 10.9% year on year but edged down 2.53% on the month to 7.7 TWh.

The daily power output in July averaged 20.65 TWh, climbing 5.7% year on year.

China’s power generation over January-July was 3,837.3 TWh, dropping 7.8% year on year, according to the data.

Output of thermal and hydro power increased 7.3% and 3.5% on the year to 2,845.6 TWh and 590.1 TWh in the first seven months.

Production of nuclear, wind and solar power was 156.4 TWh, 194.8 TWh and 50.4 TWh, up by 12.9%, 23% and 20% year on year, respectively.

Source: SX Coal / Fenwei