China’s Q3 solar power installations rise 15% on yr, NEA


China’s solar power installations totaled 190.19 GW by the end of September, up 15% from the same period last year, 15.99 GW of which was newly added, data from the National Energy Administration showed.

Specifically, centralized photovoltaic (PV) capacity was 131.49 GW, up 11% year on year, 7.73 GW of which was newly installed; distributed PV capacity rose 28% year on year to 58.7 GW, including 8.26 GW newly-added capacity.

In January-September, China’s solar power generation rose 28% to 171.5 TWh. About 1.9%, or 3.25 TWh, was idled, down 750 GWh from a year earlier.

The curtailment mainly takes palces in Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai. In Tibet, the idled solar generation totaled 250 GWh, slumping 230 GWh from a year earlier, with an idling rate of 20.6%, down 25.1 points year on year; Xinjiang had 1.02 TWh of curtailments, down 770 GWh year on year, with an idling rate of 8.9%, down 6.9 points; Qinghai wasted 730 GWh, up 330 GWh year on year, with an idling rate up 1.8 points to 5.8%.

The newly-added capacity in the first three quarter mainly in the northern region, 5.09 GW (31.8% of total), in the northeastern region, 0.51 GW (3.2%), in the eastern region, 3.32 GW (20.8%), in the central region, 1.81 GW (11.3%), in the northeastern region, 4.31 GW (26.9%) and in the south region, 0.96 GW (6%).

Source : SXCoal