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Stranded Assets and Thermal Coal

The report examines the top 100 utilities by coal-fired power generation capacity, the top 20 thermal coal mining companies by revenue (for companies with ≥30% revenue from thermal coal), and the top 30 coal processing technology companies by normalised syngas production.


In the case of coal-fired utilities, we examine their coal-fired power stations.


The top 100 coal-fired power utilities own 42% of the world’s coal-fired power stations, with 73% of all coal-fired generating capacity. In the case of thermal coal miners, we examine their mines. The top 20 thermal coal miners account for approximately 60% of listed coal company revenue (see Section 6).


In the case of coal-to-gas and coal-to-liquids companies, we examine their processing plants. The top 30 coal-to-gas and –liquids companies own 34% of all coal processing plants, with 63% of all fuel product capacity. We also look at the capital expenditure plans of these companies and their outstanding debt issuance.

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