Australia’s Gladstone port Sep coal exports to China sink to 3-1/2-yr low


Coal exports of Australia’s Gladstone port to China plunged 80.12% from a year earlier to the lowest level since March 2016, amid ongoing uncertainty of Chinese import restriction on Australian coal.

In September, Gladstone port shipped 159,800 tonnes of coal to China, tumbling 78.84% from the preceding month, according to data from Gladstone Ports Corporation.

Coal exports of Gladstone port totaled 5.74 million tonnes in September, down 5.87% from a year ago and 0.62% month on month.

Specifically, the port exported the most coal to Japan with 1.75 million tonnes, increasing 0.63% on the year and 10.13% on the month. Coal exports to India came in at 1.44 million tonnes, rising by 12.28% year on year and 7.91% month on month.

Besides, it shipped 1.44 million tonnes of coal to South Korea in September, surging 94.84% from a year ago and 67.76% from a month prior.

Gladstone port exported 54.63 million tonnes of coal over January-September of 2019, up 11.54% compared with the same period of last year. About 70% of coal shipment at Gladstone port is metallurgical and rest 30% is thermal coal.