CHN Energy Ranks First Among Top 50 Chinese Coal Producers


State-owned China Energy Investment Corporation (CHN Energy) ranked first among top 50 coal producers in China based on output in 2018, and the energy giant saw coal output reach 524.13 million tonnes last year, far outpacing the rest, showed a recent ranking list.

The ranking is compiled by China National Coal Association, based on an internationally-accepted practice with the combination of independent statistical data from the association and enterprises’ declaration of coal output in 2018.

Following CHN Energy were China National Coal Group Corporation and Yankuang Group with coal production at 192.22 million and 161.48 milion tonnes in 2018, respectively.

Among the 50 coal producers, there are seven enterprises with coal output above 100 million tonnes, 10 firms producing 50-100 million tonnes, 22 firms registering 10-50 million tonnes and the rest 11 miners with output below 10 million tonnes, data showed.