Global coal output breaks 8-Bt in 2018; coal consumption rises 1.4%


World coal production totaled 8.013 billion tonnes in 2018, a 4.0 increase from the previous year, breaking the 8-billion-tonne mark for the first time in the recent four years, according to the latest report by British multinational oil and gas giant BP.

China, remaining the largest coal producer across the world, accounted for 46% of the world’s total production, compared with 42% in 2017.

There are 10 countries with production of more than 100 million tonnes, sorted by China, India, the US, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Poland and Kazakhstan.

Among the top10 countries, Indonesia overtook Australia in the fourth place and the rest are the same as the previous year; coal production in the US, Germany and Poland fell down from the previous year, while that of the rest countries increased.

In 2018, the global coal consumption was 3.772 billion tonnes of oil equivalent, up 1.4% from the previous year. Among them, China accounts for 50.5% of the world’s total consumption, up 4.1 percentage points from the previous year, and South Korea overtakes Russia as the world’s fifth-largest coal consumer.

The top10 countries in consumption are China, India, the US, Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Indonesia and Poland.