Shanxi Jan-Apr raw coal output rises


Northern China’s Shanxi province witnessed a year-on-year growth in its raw coal production over January-April, official data showed.

According to Shanxi Bureau of Statistics, the coal-producing hub mined 297.29 million tonnes of raw coal in the first four months, increasing 8.6% from the year-ago level.

During the same period, Shanxi churned out 30.59 million tonnes of coke, rising 9.2% year on year.

Coalbed methane yielded in Shanxi increased 13.1% from the previous year to 1.95 billion cubic meters over January-April.

In April, Shanxi excavated 80.2 million tonnes of raw coal, increasing 5.9% from the preceding year, with the added value in coal industry inching up 1.3% on the year.

Meanwhile, Shanxi produced 8.08 million tonnes of coke (1.6% YoY) and 490 million cubic meters of coalbed methane (12.8% YoY), data showed.

These outputs are mainly from major enterprises with annual turnover above 20 million yuan from main operations.

Author : SXCoal